Landscape Construction


We can create functional and appealing outdoor spaces for any setting—residential or commercial.

JPL Earthworks offers a free construction consultation, complete with colored design renderings. We work alongside you to create a personalized landscape design that will complement your space, enhance your lifestyle and bring you enjoyment for years to come. From outdoor kitchens and cafes to custom masonry construction, walkways, retaining walls and paving, our local landscapers have the services you need to achieve the landscape you’ve always wanted. Call us today!

No landscape or outdoor living space is complete without a well-built patio or walkway. Not only do they provide you with a shaded alcove where you can enjoy the outdoors comfortably, they also add easy access to the rest of your yard, making it more usable and functional.

Every hardscaping element that we include in your landscaping is designed to integrate easily into your outdoor environment. Our local landscapers specialize in the following hardscape installations:

  • Patios and Outdoor Kitchen Areas
  • Walkways
  • Flagstone and Paver Installation
  • Concrete Landscape Edging and Curbing
  • Retaining Walls


From flagstone patios and stairs made of decorative brick, to built-in outdoor barbecues and fire pits, JPL Earthworks can construct just what you’re looking for. Our landscape contractors work with you to create beautifully-designed outdoor kitchens and living spaces that will not break your bank.

Our masonry experts combine their knowledge and experience with creative artistry to construct the outdoor space of your dreams.

We can build outdoor kitchens that are complete with ample counter space for food preparation, install bar seating or café-style tables, built-in barbecue grills or pizza ovens and even construct stone fireplaces or tropical fire pits. Call today to discuss your custom outdoor construction ideas.


Great landscapes start with great foundations. As a vital component of every landscape, a property’s irrigation system provides the base for water delivery to every plant, shrub or tree you have in your space.

It goes without saying that a consistent water source is necessary to achieve a healthy, lush and blooming landscape. A well-thought out irrigation system helps deliver moisture in proper amounts for your space’s long-term health.

With custom irrigation designs, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques, the landscape contractors at JPL Earthworks help provide our clients with all the support they need for their planting.


JPL Earthworks combines a commitment to quality and extensive experience working with local environments to create beautiful, functional outdoor designs and constructions that are sure to impress.

Whether you prefer romantic night scaping, a backyard oasis, or something totally unique for a commercial space, our local landscapers will work with you to create the outdoor sanctuary your space is missing. Find a landscaper to suit your needs today by working with the professionals at JPL Earthworks.