Residential Landscape Lighting


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There are many benefits to a well-illuminated landscape. Design elements like outdoor garden lights, such as twinkling fairy strings can bring your nights in your summer garden to the next level of beauty and enchantment. Spotlights and other outdoor lights can really bring out features of your home, driveway, or walkway. Effective outside lights can make sure your curb appeal doesn’t disappear as the sun goes down and can contribute to an increase in property value. What’s more, lighting can help guide your family and visitors around your property, decreasing the likelihood of injury or any other problems.

Once you have the landscape of your dreams, it’s time to make sure you can actually see it. Whether your landscaping project is fully realized, or you’re still in the process of designing and installing your outdoor features and want to cast the best light possible, we have the professionals and equipment you need to light up your world.

Stone walkway with light


Whether you need to be advised for the best lighting options for your specific property, or you need help to bring your lighting dreams to life, JPL Earthworks offers the best outdoor lighting design technicians available.

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