Commercial Landscape Lighting


We know just how important an efficient and extensive lighting system is for businesses.

JPL is proud to offer commercial exterior lighting design and installation services. Call us today at (780) 486-2435 for more information about how to fit innovative and exciting lighting technology into your property. We have extensive experience working with all kinds of businesses with their specific landscape lighting needs. Whether you own or manage a small property with minimal needs, or you’re looking for extensive outdoor lights to brighten up every part of your large property, our knowledgeable and expert contractors are standing by to make your needs our top priority.

We know how important it is for your business to show its best side at all hours of the day or night. That’s why we offer innovative, cost-effective lighting design and installation for your business. Effective lighting can eliminate safety risks, increase productivity, and bring out the best in your property. Bringing out the best in your property means bringing out the best in your business!

Garden Path Light


We offer a wide variety of lighting types for your business. If what you’re looking for is a little outside the normal range of what’s available, we’ll be happy to take the time to work out a specialized program to design and engineer the best of the best for your business. Many business owners have a vision for their property, but either don’t have the specialized installation knowledge needed to do their installation themselves, or they don’t know exactly how to translate their dreams into a lighting design that really pops.

Our designers and contractors are excited to spend the time needed to really translate your needs into a finished product. We know how to stay true to the vision only a business owner or property manager has for their project, while performing the whole undertaking with our highly specified knowledge and expertise.