Commercial Water Features


We’re happy to offer services related to the planning, design, and installation of water features for your business. Whatever your desired budget, call JPL Earthworks today at (780) 486-2435 to speak to one of our many knowledgeable professionals about how our features can take your commercial landscape to the next level.

We believe that no business is too small to benefit from the gorgeous ambiance of a water feature. No matter what your budget or business type, call us today for information about how we can make your dreams come true.

Commercial water features bring almost too many benefits to a business to be able to list here. Water features leave a great impression on partners, investors, employees, and clients.
Wow Factor

Whether you’d like to invest in garden water features to bring that extra “wow” factor to your commercial garden, or one of our patio fountains to give your outdoor space an ambiance that truly sets you apart, we’re sure we have just the right feature for your budget and needs. Call today!

Water Feature - Pond with Waterfall


It’s simply not true that water features are a luxury only few can afford. Whatever your budget, JPL Earthworks is here to offer the best feature for your needs and budget. We have a huge network of trusted suppliers and expert contractors who are ready to go above and beyond their service and value without any hidden costs.

You’ll be shocked at how affordable a water feature can really be. These investments, often times, give off the illusion of grand luxury making them seem expensive and impossible for all businesses to benefit from. However, our water features are proof that your business can benefit from such an investment. Our contractors are equipped with extensive experience and the most cutting-edge technology available and are ready to make your water feature beautiful and efficient.

We have extremely precise installation techniques to avoid any undue damage to your property or other investments, meaning that the typical repair and cleanup costs that come with this kind of installation project will be lowered or totally eliminated. We have resourceful material sourcing professionals, who will make sure that your feature will never be anything but a good thing for your business. Call us today!